4 Things Not To Do When Renting Long Term Restroom

4 Things Not To Do When Renting Long Term Restroom - Luxury Temporary Portable Restrooms - The Lavatory Fresno

It goes without saying, that hosting large events like weddings and corporate parties entails careful planning and preparation. Aside from the food and venue, you also have to think about your guests’ need to use the restroom. Besides, even places that have them may not have enough to accommodate the number of people attending. Consecutively, renting a portable long term restroom becomes vital. Furthermore, portable restrooms are not only designed to accommodate the calls of mother nature, but they also use less energy than traditional restrooms.

Furthermore, portable restrooms are a cost-efficient option for outdoor events. You will save on your electricity bill and water bill. However, while you can find a plethora of companies offering long term restroom rentals in Clovis, there are still a number of factors that you need to take into consideration when renting a portable restroom.

Furthermore, some of the top mistakes made by people may seem obvious, but unfortunately, people make them again and again. Read on to find out four things not to do when renting a portable restroom.

  • Choosing price over service- Even though the cost may be high on your priority list for renting a portable long term restroom, make sure your decision is not entirely based on that alone. Furthermore, when you go out for your restroom bid, there may be one company that comes in drastically cheaper than other providers. However, these restroom rental service providers may achieve this low pricing by using sub-par equipment or not paying their workers fair wages. You are better off going with a company that is attentive and can provide your attendees with the best experience possible.
  • Ordering too few portable restrooms- One of the common mistakes people make when renting portable long term restrooms is not renting an adequate number of toilets. Generally, you will want to make sure that you have a portable toilet for every fifty guests. Furthermore, if you expect to have a lot of women or kids at your event, you may want to have extra toilets on-site.
  • Using more than one service provider- If you are looking to cut costs by using several small restroom providers, you may want to re-think this strategy. Furthermore, sometimes these small companies may be willing to go lower on price, but they may not be able to handle the volume that you need. Furthermore, when this is the case, some coordinators will then simply go with several small providers. Unfortunately, this could cause increased difficulty when coordinating pick-up and drop-off times, placement as well as schedule coordination. Furthermore, large providers will be able to work with you to devise a cohesive plan for your event.
  • Ordering the wrong kind of portable restroom- Another common mistake people make when renting a portable long term restroom is ordering the wrong kind of portable restroom. Furthermore, the type of unit will depend upon the type of event and the target population. Generally, the handicapped accessible units are required more in number if the guests are elderly. Furthermore, if the events are targetting high-class guests, then renting luxury portable restrooms would be your best bet. It should provide more space, relaxation and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, non-flush portable toilets would serve the purpose if you are repairing the bathroom of your home or organizing a family reunion.

While these were some of the things not to do when renting a portable long term restroom, there are many others, such as ignoring safety, putting all restrooms in only a few locations among many others.