ADA Luxury Shower/Restroom Combo Trailers

Meets ADA Shower & Toilet Requirements

Elevate your commitment to accessibility with our ADA shower and restroom trailers, an ideal solution for meeting the diverse needs and requirements of users with physical disabilities and mobility challenges. This compact and private ADA restroom and shower trailer rental ensures adherence to ADA standards for both shower and toilet facilities. Widely embraced for applications ranging from homeless outreach and senior centers to campgrounds and job sites mandated to offer ADA-compliant accommodations, our portable restroom and shower trailers prioritize inclusivity. Choose The Lavatory Fresno for a seamless blend of accessibility, comfort, and quality in every rental, affirming our dedication to providing ADA-compliant solutions.

Standard Features

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  • Equipped with AC/Heating
  • Designed to be lowered during install to shorten length of ramp & long term
  • Self-contained, easy to deploy ramp, sets up quickly
  • ADA China Toilet with Handle Bars
  • ADA Shower with Seat and Wand
  • ADA Sink
  • Hot and Cold Water Controls
  • Shower Heads Metered to 1.5 GPM
  • Large Vanity
  • Seamless Gel-Coated Fiberglass Walls, Ceiling, and Sub-floor
  • Smart Touch Digital Thermostat


Number of Stations 1
Box Size 8′ 5″ x 14.5′
Length w/ Tongue 25′
Width w/ Stairs 13′ 6″
Height w/ AC 11′ 4″
Fresh Water Tank 105 Gallons
Waste Tank 300 Gallons
Power Requirements Two dedicated 120 Volt-20 amp circuit within 100 feet of trailer
No. of AC Units 1
ADA Luxury Portable Shower/Restroom Combo Trailer For Rent - The Lavatory Fresno
Luxury Portable Shower/Restroom Combo Trailer For Rent - Floorplan View - The Lavatory Fresno

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