Luxury Portable Restroom Rental Fresno

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2 Station Luxury Trailer

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Luxury Portable Restroom Rental Fresno

Use this article if you are looking for luxury portable restroom trailer rental in Fresno CA. We have the best service, prices, and units. We specialize in portable toilets, Restroom Trailers but not the gross porta potty.

Portable Toilet Rentals

The purpose of your event is to get together with friends and family to celebrate an occasion or create a lasting memory. After all the hard work that goes into planning an event like this how can you say no to comfort? You could be stuck using old Porta Potties throughout your special day – yuck! But don’t worry; we will take care of everything for you in Fresno CA.

Porta potty or Luxury Portable Toilet Rentals?

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, concert or fair; we provide the finest luxury portable restroom trailers available in Fresno County. Our team will bring our units directly to your site and they remain clean throughout the duration of your event in Fresno CA. At the end of the night, our team will pick up our units and leave you with clean restrooms to enjoy after all the excitement – yay!

Different Porta Potty Rental options

We have a variety of luxury portable restroom trailers; 2 Stall, 5 Stall, 9 Stall. Our trailers are classy, clean, and comfortable. We have models large enough for big events or small enough to fit in most spots where there is electricity. For our portable toilets to have air conditioning we need electricity.

No need for porta potties at your event in Fresno CA.

Portable Restrooms and porta potty rental Service

Our luxury restroom trailer rental service provides 12 hours of non-stop service at no extra charge in Fresno CA. However, we can provide 24/7 dispatch if needed for an additional fee depending on location and date availability. Porta potty companies do not provide this in Fresno CA.

Just a phone call in Fresno CA

Call us today to learn how we can assist you with your next special event in Fresno County with our portable toilets and restroom trailers.Luxury Restroom Trailer Fresno CA

Give us a call anytime at or call us at 559.598.0380. If we don’t answer please send us a text. We are available for any situation! Please give us the chance to wow you next time you have an event in Fresno County, CA!

Contact us for Portable Toilets

You can find more info about portable luxury restroom trailer rental in Fresno on our website here: or by calling 559.598.0380 . You can also read the articles written there

24/7 not Porta potty rental but portable toilets in Fresno CA

You can call us today, or complete our online reservation form for a free quote for portable restrooms. You can even reserve our units online with a credit card. We are here to help for all your Portable Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental Fresno needs!

Submit a quote for portable toilets in Fresno CA

Call us today at 559.598.0380 or you can visit anytime of the day if you have any questions or concerns about renting our portable luxury restroom trailer and portable restrooms in Fresno County CA!

Background Information: Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer Rental Fresno

You want to be able to offer your guests the best service available. We at The Lavatory Fresno, CA specialize in luxury portable restroom trailer rental in Fresno County California. We will come with our trailers and set them up on site for your guests’ convenience.

Benefits to Porta potty rental in Fresno CA

There are so many benefits to having one of our units over renting porta potties or standard restrooms at your event or wedding. You can find more info about us here: or by calling 559.598.0380.

Providing Luxury Portable Toilet Rental in Fresno CA

Our luxury portable restroom trailers are so clean and have quality western toilet paper with a sink area which includes soap, water, and hand dryer. There is even an option to have your logo printed on the tissue dispensers for that extra touch of class! Luxury portable restrooms are definitely more comfortable than standard porta potties or renting standard restrooms at your event.

We offer Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals in Fresno California

The Lavatory Fresno, CA offers luxury portable restroom trailer rental in Fresno County California for events such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, parties, memorials and other celebrations. Our units have showers as well.

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer Rental Fresno

If you need a restroom trailer for an event or party, please give The Lavatory Fresno, CA a call today to avoid the hassle of porta potties and let us take care of your Luxury Portable Toilet Rental needs in Fresno County California!

For more information about us visit our website: or call 559.598.0380.

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For more info about Luxury RV restroom trailer rental you can visit our site at:

Our units are superior to standard porta potties and rentals of standard restrooms on location because they have running water, a western toilet, and soap dispenser! There is even an option for logo printed paper towels included in Luxury Portable Toilet Rentals in Fresno CA. Luxurious Lavatories for events in Fresno County California Luxury Luxury stalls in Fresno CA Luxury Portable Luxury Luxury johns in Fresno CA Luxury Portable Luxury Toilet Luxurious toilets for rent Luxurious lavatories Luxurious restrooms trailer Luxurious restroom trailers luxury restroom trailers rental Luxurious rentals in Fresno

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