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Luxury Restroom Rental in Bakersfield

The Lavatory Luxury & Temporary Mobile Restrooms and Showers goal is to be the best portable luxury restroom rental Bakersfield .

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Luxury restroom rentals in Bakersfield CA

In short we provide bathroom trailer rentals. The restroom rentals are ready for you and your guests.

For example, you do not want your guests entering a dirty restroom or not have a toilet available when they have to go. Certainly you want to be ready to handle your guests needs for the event. You don’t want them leaving early just to use the restroom.

Surprisingly restrooms are play a major role for your event. When you do a site visit make sure restrooms will be there for your guests. Are they porta potties? Do they smell? Look into our luxury restrooms to help raise the quality of your special event.

Our restroom trailers are easy to use and function. The units are self explanatory and can fit nearly any situation.

Which Restroom Trailer to Choose 

Do you have an outdoor venue? Are you doing a restroom remodel for the office? We have restroom trailers that fit any use. Consider your users and provide a high end restroom. No more porta potties. 

We have 2 stall, 5 stall, and 9 stall restroom trailers available for your occasion. Identify your usage and choose the trailer that fits for your project in Bakersfield.

Portable Rentals for your Event

Special events require planning. Luxury restroom trailers need to be part of your plan. Choosing a portable luxury restroom rental Bakersfield trailers for your guests will ensure comfort. Each event is different and we can provide sizes of trailers that will ensure success.

This list is the type of events that need restrooms:

  1. Sporting Games 

Firstly sporting games need portable rentals especially in Bakersfield. Overcrowding is a large concern for restroom facilities. The last thing you want is attendees peeing outside in public

  1. Memorable Weddings 

The most common usage for our restroom trailer rentals are for weddings. For example there are usually no restroom facilities for a barn Many barn and outdoor weddings happen in the valley. We have all of the equipment to make it possible. 

  1. Large Concerts 

Stay prepared for your concert. Restrooms are needed for any type of social gathering. You want to leave a good impression for your guests and provide plenty of restroom trailers. More alcohol means more restroom usage.

Our portable luxury restroom rental Bakersfield are the trailers that you need. Our luxury trailers are affordable and budget friendly. We have a trailer for every situation. We also provide shower trailers where needed.

  1. Outdoor Festivals 

Every outdoor festival requires a variety of trailers. The city of Bakersfield requires restroom services for your gathering. We can provide luxury restroom trailers as well as shower trailers for your attendees. Don’t forget about this basic human need for your guests.

  1. Annual Corporate Events 

If you are a corporate event planner, you know that restrooms are important. Our luxury units will impress your executives and create a comfortable space for employees. Our units are available seven days a week and can be dispatched at anytime.

Why Choose the Lavatory?

The Lavatory Luxury & Temporary Mobile Restrooms and Showers is the leading portable luxury restroom rental Bakersfield provider. Here are a few reasons we are the leader:

  1. Clean and Prestine restrooms 

Firstly our trailers are processed and cleaned to top standards. We use bleach and other cleaners to ensure that our trailers will meet your expectations in Bakersfield. 

  1. Variety of Temporary and Luxury Restrooms

For example, our trailers can be used for office rentals or for a wedding. Our units can match any usage and any energy. In short they are versatile and unique for all types of situations.

  1. Budget Friendly

We have units that can fit nearly any budget. Our trailers are 2 stall, 5 stall, and 9 stall. Each trailer has a different price and can accommodate any event.

The Bottom Line

The Lavatory Luxury & Temporary Mobile Restrooms & Showers is the premier provider for luxury restroom rental Bakersfield. Our units are built to address any situation with a variety of sizes. Our prices are budget friendly and so are our staff.

In conclusion browse through the official website to find out more information about the pricing for our luxury restroom trailers in Bakersfield.

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