Portable Luxury Bathroom Rental in Fresno

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Portable Luxury Bathroom Rental in Fresno

The Lavatory offers the best possible experience in our private portable luxury bathroom rentals in Fresno and the surrounding communities. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, we have the rental trailers you need to ensure you and your guests are always comfortable. The goal of our luxury restroom trailers is to always leave a positive impression on anybody who uses them. So when you’re looking for a classy alternative to traditional porta potties, give the experts in luxury bathroom accommodations a call to schedule your reservation.

We offer trailers in a variety of configurations that give your guests the privacy they deserve to attend to their needs in comfort. Each climate-controlled rentable restroom is a huge step up from porta potties and come with running water, sinks, and more. And unlike porta potties, our bathrooms have individual stalls for men and women, allowing for the proper amount of privacy. Our rental options also include shower and laundry options, so you never have to forego the comforts of home.

Portable luxury bathroom rental in Fresno is the perfect solution for many types of events where normal restrooms simply aren’t possible. Our trailers are the ideal solution for schools, parks, or anywhere else you need a supplementary restroom. Our luxury bathroom trailers are popular for outdoor weddings and parties where taking care of your guests is important. They’re also suitable for emergency personnel and survivors of natural disasters.

Whatever type of portable luxury bathroom rental you’re looking for, the Lavatory is the best place to rent in Fresno. We offer short- and long-term rental options so that you control how long you keep the trailer. Our selection will make you and your guests feel right at home, even when they’re far from it. For more information on our rentals or to schedule yours, give us a call today!